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miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Social Games in Social Networks!

I've been in several social networks some years... and in facebook discovered something addictive: social games.
After overcoming some addictive games like Ogame and BiteFigth, I have fallen in the games that some of my friends play in facebook:
- several kinds of farms
- pet society
- gangs wars, mafia wars...

Of course the most addictive and pleasant are the flash games with great
graphics, animations, highly interactive. Of these games, I have to mention specially
the Playfish Games, they are colourful, meaningful and generate offline interaction (only the chat is missing, but you have the async message option). Each game is different (and I don't play all of them), but across their forums and sites you can see a great dedication and passion for the games.

viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

Another addictive site: KING

Yes, It's the KING of all that silly addictive games: chuzzle, bejeweled, mahjong, freecell, hearts, word link, etc.
Their categories are: Puzzle Games, Action Games, Word Games, Card Games, Strategy Games, Sports Games and Royal Games. Its sum up in more than fifty different games!!

Beside all the games this site has a great community, a ranking, you have your own avatar, you unlock features, its really friendly...

You can Join Me HERE!!!!

See you soon in any tournament!!!

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

Ferrari is Back!!

Yes, this was a very unusual start for the Formula 1 Championship, and this is what does it so exciting!!

the site called racingpredicitions is now hosted on Racing Pickers, but it is the same wonderful site.
I was late for the first race, but I had predicted about the Malaysian Grand Prix, and I have 12 points:
- I was rigth about the winner of the race: Raikkonen!!
- I was rigth about 2 of the Does Not Finish :D

Let's see what happen through the year...

I have fallen!!!

Ok, now I'm a werewolf (how is its female name?).
After a few days of taking care of my boyfriend account, when he returned to play, i needed to have my own account. It's incredible!!
Of course, he is like 6 months ahead of me.

So, this is me now:

miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2007

Vampires vs. WereWolves!!!

I haven't fallen yet... but some people very close to me has...

You have to work, train, learn and figth!!!

You could be a werewolf or a vapire, and you can go for humans or just figth
others werewolves or vampires.

viernes, 20 de julio de 2007

Just for fun... and pride!!!

Do you like racing sports?
Do you think that you know who will win a race?
Do you think that can you predict the result of a race?

I really love Formula 1 races... but I'm a big fan of Ferrari ... so my predictions are not so objectives as should be :D
But anyway its really fun try to predict the result of every race and to have a wonderful site that track my predictions: .

lunes, 25 de junio de 2007

A new, fun, addictive, interactive online game with prizes and cash prizes

Exodus 3000 is a popular online interactive game where you can interact with thousands of other members while playing. New features are a chat room and a large selection of game cards that can be collected, used for power-ups, traded, sold, and redeemed for cash and prizes. If you get enough 'Mars Dollars', you earn real cash each month.

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